Church of N-D. de Nantilly - Architecture

Notre Dame de Nantilly ‘ s architecture

The church of Notre-Dame-de-Nantilly is situated on the flank of the hill southwest of Saumur’s historic center. It is the oldest church in town and the most remarkable romanesque church in Anjou.
From outside, the church looks plain even severe with its high tufstone walls reinforced by strong buttresses on the façade as well as on the side of the nave and apse.
Entering the church, we are struck by the remarkably wide 12 th century nave : thirteen metre wide . It is barrel-vaulted made up of six spans lit on the left by semi circular arched bays in a geometrical design.
The Transept was rebuilt at the end of the Middle Ages. It is made up of four arched crossing with an eight ribbed dome, dating from 13th century.
The chancel late 12 th century is laid out in cul-de four semi-circular vaults and has five openings.
The side nave was added on Louis 11 th ‘s request by piercing the south wall of the nave.
It is lit by five large bays of flamboyant gothic , the heraldic keystone ribbed vaults are lit in the same way.