The organ of the church of N-D-de-Nantilly

The historic organ of Notre Dame de Nantilly

The Grandstand organ of Notre Dame de Nantilly church is exceptional in several ways.

This listed historic instrument was built three centuries ago at the times of Louis XIVth and Sainte Jeanne Delanoue, the patroness of the parish. It is the oldest baroque organ in Anjou completed in 1690 (date engraved on the cartouche at the bottom) by the Breton organ builder, Pierre Le Helloco. Certain pieces might come from an even more ancient organ.

The latest renovation dated 2015-2016 allowed to rediscover its original aesthetic and musical qualities . In the 19th century, it had been altered as a romantic organ to answer the reigning fashion. It is composed of four organ-chests including the big and beautiful central organ chest which have now many and diverse variations.

This organ so unique in the Western part of France plays a great part in religious ceremonies, concerts and contributes to the heritage and musical interest of the town of Saumur and its areas.